Gallery One installation photo at the Mill Gallery, Guilford Art Center (Spring 2019)

Gallery One installation photo at the Mill Gallery, Guilford Art Center (Spring 2019)

Gallery One is comprised of a diverse group of established artists who use current modes of expression in a variety of contemporary media. Our common bond is a commitment to each individual voice and its evolution. We represent different backgrounds and traditions, interpretations of the world, and ways of working with materials which naturally transform into unique images. We hang our artwork with the intention of emphasizing connections among various representational and abstract works.

Copyright:  Each artist retains the rights to his or her images and none may be used without the expressed written permission of the individual artist. 

Look under Upcoming for information about upcoming exhibitions.  

Membership:  There's information on this page about how and when an artist might seek membership in GalleryOne and how individuals may stay informed about upcoming shows.  

The Past Exhibition page reports on (and provides images from) previous Gallery One events.

Our Press page contains postings of reviews and press releases. 

Click-through links (in blue) to individual artist's websites are provided below:

Forrest R. Bailey

Hayne Bayless

Catherine Christiano

Victor Filepp

Ellen Gaube

Bryan Gorneau

Susan Hickman

Gray Jacobik

Judith Barbour Osborne

Diana Rogers

Rick Silberberg

Jill Vaughn

Additional artist:  T. Willie Raney.  Some of her work can be seen on this website by clicking on her name under ARTISTS. 

Executive Committee: Judith Barbour Osborne, Director;  Rick Silberberg, Associate Director; Jill Vaughn, Treasurer and Exhibition Coordinator; Catherine Christiano, Secretary.

For general information contact our Director, Judith Barbour Osborne:  e-mail Be sure you include CT in the address (after 'gallery one').  If it appears that your email didn't go through, our spam-blocker folder is checked once a week so your email will be retrieved. If that's the case, for quicker response, please follow instructions provided by the spam-blocker. 

We welcome inquires about individual works of art, upcoming exhibitions and receptions, representation, and exhibition venues.

Thank you for your interest in Gallery One.